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      The Milk Planet Beauté Glitter Duet breastpump is one of the next generation products from Milk Planet with incomparable features like the following:
      heart3 suction modes:
      • Stimulation  (up to 9 levels of suctions for easy letdown)
      • Expression (up to 9 levels of suctions for optimum drawing of milk)
      • Two-in-One booster (Perfectly dedicated to …
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      Lacte Duet Omnia

      Lacté Duet Omnia Rechargeable Electric Breastpump – Unrivalled features at its price point

      • Built-in with High Capacity Recharcheable Battery, up to 8 cycles at single full charge.
      • 2nd Gen Soft Breast Shield with only 4-piece assembly.
      • Soft Breast Shield moves along to the pumping rhythm which mimics baby’s natural suckling stimulation, for maximum efficiency and comfort.
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        Autumnz – HYBRID DUO Double Electric Breastpump

        Our latest Autumnz HYBRID DUO Double Electric Breastpump comes with the following features:

        2 Pumping Mode :   Massage & Expression modes for effective & efficient pumping

        Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery :  Built-in rechargeable battery with longer usage time

        Anti Backflow Mechanism : To prevent milk contamination

        Multi Suction Levels : Comes with 5 massage levels & 9 expression levels

        LCD Touch Screen With Night Light Display : Show different mode, suction speed and …