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      Lacte Duet Omnia

      Lacté Duet Omnia Rechargeable Electric Breastpump – Unrivalled features at its price point

      • Built-in with High Capacity Recharcheable Battery, up to 8 cycles at single full charge.
      • 2nd Gen Soft Breast Shield with only 4-piece assembly.
      • Soft Breast Shield moves along to the pumping rhythm which mimics baby’s natural suckling stimulation, for maximum efficiency and comfort.
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        Autumnz – HYBRID DUO Double Electric Breastpump

        Our latest Autumnz HYBRID DUO Double Electric Breastpump comes with the following features:

        2 Pumping Mode :   Massage & Expression modes for effective & efficient pumping

        Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery :  Built-in rechargeable battery with longer usage time

        Anti Backflow Mechanism : To prevent milk contamination

        Multi Suction Levels : Comes with 5 massage levels & 9 expression levels

        LCD Touch Screen With Night Light Display : Show different mode, suction speed and …

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        With Milk Planet Freedom Handsfree Kit, you don’t have to shy away from public while pumping your breastmilk. You can pump anytime, anywhere, even when you are working and with your shirt on. The Milk Planet Freedom Handsfree Kit is made of BPA free polypropylene material and food-grade silicone and is compatible with most breastpumps available in the market

        Each box of Beaute Freedom Handsfree …

      • Breastpumps , Double Pump

        Halford Duo breast pump

        • Double-Frequency Suction: Creative new suction experience on both high & low frequency
        • All-in-One Mode: Provides 5x massaging and 1x sucking is good to relieve the pain of breast engorgement and to stimulate lactation
        • LED Touch Display: Equipped with high-end intelligent LED touch display
        • BPA Free Parts
        • Rechargeable: Rechargeable lithium battery, USB socket
        • 2 Years Warranty