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    Breastpumps , Electric Breastpumps

    okizz little owl double electric pump

    • Okizz Owl Double Electric Breast Pump
    • Effective for Mom On The Go & Save more time.
    • Soft Massage Cushion For Gentle Stimulation.
    • Ease custom control. Custom Control settings for speed and suction.
    • Quiet expressions. Silent pump for discreet pumping when and where you need to.
    • Two phase expressions. It allows moms to stimulate milk flow with best comfort.
  • Breastpumps , Electric Breastpumps

    Halford Duo breast pump

    • Double-Frequency Suction: Creative new suction experience on both high & low frequency
    • All-in-One Mode: Provides 5x massaging and 1x sucking is good to relieve the pain of breast engorgement and to stimulate lactation
    • LED Touch Display: Equipped with high-end intelligent LED touch display
    • BPA Free Parts
    • Rechargeable: Rechargeable lithium battery, USB socket
    • 2 Years Warranty