Maymom – 12 Volt Vehicle Lighter Adapter





Maymom 12 Volt Vehicle Lighter Adaptor for Ameda Purely Yours Pumps; Also, Spectra S1, S2; Replacement for Car Adapter Charger Ameda Part # 17079; Replace Ameda Cigarette Lighter Adapter; Can Also Work on Spectra S1 S2 pumps Made After Feb 2015.
  • Input: 12V DC (Useable with most cars. Please consult with your car manual to verify its output voltage); Output: 12V DC, 1A.
  • High Quality and Strong Housing for duribility
  • Length of the cord: 200 cm (6 ft 10 inches) – long enough for you to pump in the back seat of the car.
  • Specially designed and tested for Ameda Purely Yours Pumps; Although labelled for Ameda, it can also work on some batches of Spectra S1, S2 pumps having a power plug hole greater than 5.5 mm ID. If this plug does not fit your spectra pump, contact the seller for a refund. No need to send back the plug.
  • Multiple safety features to protect your pumps. See Descriptions for details.


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