Maymom – Pump in Style *Faceplate (Not Include Tubing) 9V




Product Description:

Medela has released many models of Pump in style breastpumps. Each model of pump uses different type of faceplate. The listing does not include all the faceplates for all the models. Read the descriptions below to identify the right faceplate for your pump. Buying the wrong faceplate will happen if you do not read this description.

Voltage The bottom right of the faceplate will have a voltage mark. It can be 9 VDC or 12 VDC. This is one of the keys to identify your faceplate. Choose one that matches your old faceplate.

Let Down Button The products in this listing all have the Let Down Button hole. If your faceplate does not have this hole, the product might work for you, but the suction power will be different from what it is designed (can be higher or lower).

Tubing PortsVerify that your faceplate has tubing ports that are arranged horizontally. If they are arranged vertically, this faceplate will give you different suction power from what it is designed.

Centre Power Adjustment Knob The product in this listing has no power adjustment knob in the centre of the faceplate. If your faceplate has this knob in the centre, this faceplate is not for you.

Please pick the faceplate according to the above 4 descriptions compared to your existing faceplate to have the 100% match. If not, this faceplate might fit your pump but it is not optimal. Buy this product only if you can not find the proper faceplate for your pump by all other means.

This product also comes in a choice of clear (transparent) colour for mothers to see if the inside of the cap is mouldy. This is great for convenience. This considerate design only comes from Maymom!

The included tubing will fit your pump if you can fit the faceplate to your pump.

Publisher: Maymom
Dimensions: 15 x 12.9 x 3 centimetres (0.05 kg)


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