Pureen HA-D Hypo Allergenic Detergent 1000ml (Bottle)




• Leaves no chemical residue on fabric
• Does not irritate delicate skin (hypo-allergenic).
• Leaves fabric naturally soft with a fresh, clean scent. (Does not require softener).
• Increases cloth life-expectancy.
• Cleans all the way to the fibre
• Effective in removing stains and odours i.e. grease, blood, tar, ketchup, pine sap, red clay, mildew, grass.
• Fragrance-free; No Bleach & No Phosphate; No Enzyme & No Brightener
• Colour care .
• Does not irritate delicate skin (hypo-allergenic).
• Biodegradable, Vegetable surfactant
• Environmental Friendly.

Packing: Liquid Detergent – 1000ml./ Pack


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