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Breast milk is the best possible food source for your newborn baby. Breast milk contains nutrients and natural antibodies to help babies resist illnesses and infections. Pumping and refrigerating breast milk and feeding them when the baby when they’re hungry is a common practice nowadays.
Reheating refrigerated breast milk can prove quite a challenge. A microwave oven should not be used to reheat breast milk as it can create ‘hotspots’ and can easily breakdown the milk’s nutritional values. Double boiling using the gas stove can be a daunting task as the reheating temperature is difficult to control and can be dangerous if not paid full attention.
Introducing the Little Bean Home and Car Bottle Warmer, the safest, easiest, and most portable way to reheat your baby’s milk bottle. Fast & easy operation controls temperature and preserves the nutritional value of liquids at the right temperature! Smart heater heats liquids to the desired temperature and keeps it warm.
Included custom container enables parents to reheat porridges and other solid meals. Plus, you can use it on the move, too! Simply attach the in car adapter and you’re good to go. You also have the option to reheat your bottle without water to avoid spillage in your car.
BPA-free non-toxic parts are easy to clean and maintain.
1 year warranty.

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