Autumnz – Infrared Ear Thermometer


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Product Description of Autumnz – Infrared Ear Thermometer

Suitable for all ages Easy to use Multiple Functions: Mainly designed to measure ear temperature (using Ear Mode). Can also be used to measure temperature of object’s surface by simply switching to Object Mode. Digital display in Celcius (°C) and Fareheit (°F) and with readouts in +/- 0.1°C / 0.2°F increments Waterproof and easy to clean Jumbo screen with LCD display Temperature indicator : Comes with happy and sad face icons, representing different body temperature conditions (T) Happy Face icon : T < 37.8°C Sad Face icon : T>= 37.8°C Fever Alarm : Thermometer will produce one long beep sound followed by three short beep sounds if thermometer detects body temperature of >= 37.8°C Fast measurement in just 1-2 seconds 10 sets of memories each for ear and object measurements, to allow comparison of results over time Auto switch off if left idle for more than 1 minute comes with


(i) standing casing for hygiene storage,

(ii) 10 single-use probe covers, and

(iii) 2xAAA batteries

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