Baby Food Package B – 8 Months + (Frozen Available in Store)


Baby Food Package B – 8 Months + (Frozen Available in Store)

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Our Menu
We offered home-cooked baby and toddler food that are prepared from scratch using halal ingredients.
We do entertain special request. For example, if your baby has a favourite menu or there is a certain ingredient that he/she is allergic to, we will remove it from our menu or suggest a different one. We also take special orders from moms who prefer only ORGANIC or gluten free pasta but the price will be revised accordingly.
Our food doesn’t have any salt or sugar added and without additives or preservatives. Only natural flavors from the ingredients. We are not stingy with our ingredients and you can always ask us what we put inside the food. (Still in the process of listing down each main ingredients for each menu).
Preparation and Storage Questions:
Our baby food usually made to order which means we will cook fresh before we deliver to you. Our meals can be kept for up to 2 months frozen and up to 3/4 days chilled at the back of the fridge.

Once defrosted, reheat or keep in the fridge within 24 hours. A bottle is 8oz, You can serve once or twice depends on your baby’s appetite. Please thaw the night before and scoop out the amount you want to feed your baby to warm up. Use the warmer or reheat in the pot until the food is bubbly. Discard unused portion after 24 hours.

Although our bottles are freezer and microwave-safe, we do not recommend using microwave to reheat the meal, but if you must, just open the lid and lightly place it on top of the bottle and reheat using the appropriate options. Putting the lid on top of the bottle will avoid the food to become “dry”.

If you are travelling, you can warm up the food and store in a food jar thermos and scoop out the amount to serve in your baby favourite serving bowl. Always discard the unfinished portion to avoid bacteria contamination.

How to thaw baby food:
The safest and easiest way to thaw your baby’s food is to select all the frozen food you’ll need for the next day, then put them in the fridge overnight.

Frozen cubes of baby food take between 8 to 12 hours to thaw in most refrigerators. It’s a good idea to mark the food with the time at which you took it from the freezer – we then recommend that you use up the food within 24 hours if it contains meat, poultry or fish – or within 48 hours for other types of food.

Never, never re-freeze thawed baby food, as this poses a risk of food poisoning to your baby.

How to reheat baby food :
1. One way to successfully heat food for your baby is to place the food in a heat safe dish and sit the dish over a small pan of simmering water. You need to stir the food often to ensure that it heats evenly. (sort of steaming the food)

2. Reheat in the pot, re-cook until the food is bubbly.

3. Using a microwave – Make sure that the food container is safe to use in the microwave. Baby food should be covered when you heat it in the microwave. Use either a lid or plastic wrap suitable for use in the microwave. Keeping the food covered is important because it holds in any moisture produced and helps the food to heat evenly and safely. After heating baby food in the microwave, stir it thoroughly to disperse any hot spots. Allow it to cool to an ideal serving temperature.

4. Baby milk/food warmer – we warn you it will take ages so make sure you thoroughly thaw the food first if you plan to use the milk/food warmer

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BebJ 8-18M-Apple & apicot, BebJ 8-18M-Baby shepars pie, BebJ 8-18M-Butternut chiken, BebJ 8-18M-Chiken Veggies &casserole, BebJ 8-18M-Porride(Blueberries Oatmeal), BebJ 8-18M-Porride(Honeydew &Couscous), BebJ 8-18M-Porride(Pitaya tropical Breakfast), BebJ 8-18M-Porride(Plum&barley), BebJ 8-18M-Porride(Rice so Berry), BebJ 8-18M-Porride(Rice so Peachy), BebJ 8-18M-Sweet potato & spinach, BebJ 8-18M-Sweetcorn delights, BebJ 8-18M-Sweet chiken

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