Cimilre – S3 Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump


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Product details of Cimilre – S3 Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump


Cimilre  S3 Check POINT !!

  • Single/Double-sides operation
  • Hospital Grade
  • Super quiet – noise level less than 45db
  • Highly adjustable – 12 suction levels, 5 massage levels, cycle frequency can be adjusted between 30-46/min
  • Suction strength up to 330 mmHg – slightly more than Spectra’s 300mmHg
  • Closed system – prevents breast milk backflow into the motor
  • Auto shuts off after 30min of use
  • Built-in Night Light

LED display that indicates duration of expression




Brand New Cimilre S3 Dual Pump Set consist on the following:

1) Cimilre S3 pump + charger
2) 2 x 28mm narrow neck Shields
3) 2 x 150ml narrow neck Bottle
4) 2 x Backflow Protector
5) 2 x Tubing
6) 2 x White Valve
7) 1 Year Local  Warranty
9) English Manual

imilre S3 comes with 1-year local warranty. Also is supplied with IDA approved power adapter. Beware of parallel imported Cimilre pumps that come with unapproved power adaptors.

  •  Hospital grade.
  •  Soft and quiet.
  •  Pumping time and automatic off
  •  LED light (can change to sleeping mode light when not pumping)
  •  Double breastpump
  •  12 levels of pumping
  •  5 levels for Massage
  •  Small and light design

1 Year Local Supplier Warranty

For any inquiries, please contact us at Whatsapp – 016 449 9695 or call – 018 969 8747

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Cimilre S3, Cimilre S3 + Package 30, Cimilre S3 + Package 50, Cimilre S3 + Handsfree Full Set, Cimilre S3 + Package 30 + Handsfree Full Set, Cimilre S3 + Package 50 + Handsfree Full Set


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