Freemie Closed System Breastmilk Collection Cup



Product details of Freemie Closed System Breastmilk Collection Cup An entirely new style of pumping, the Freemie system makes it possible to collect breast milk with your shirt on and your hands free. And that means you can pump anytime, anywhere, and around anyone. Out in on like you would a bra and pump away. No more worrying about lactating unexpectedly when you are busy running errands with the Freemie Collection Cups Deluxe set.

Pump with your shirt on, in more places than ever before, hands free! It features a unique silicone cup to provide ultimate comfort when expressing and has four adjustable suction phases ranging from light to high allowing your total control. For your convenience the breast pump can be either mains or battery operated giving you the freedom to be able to express while away from home. Includes concealable collection cups and two sets of breast funnels (25 mm and 28 mm), for use with compatible pumps.


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