Groomy – Trial Pack Meatmate



Easy, smart and economical pack for mummy to mix and match the best taste favoured by baby. Groomy meatmate got you covered with all organic porridge selection combines with high in protein chicken powder & beef pepperi powder as main savoury plus cheese and veggies. As essential travel kit for babies.

Meatmate – Complete Trial Pack (10 in 1) Instant Grains – (1 serving per sachet)

1. Ognanic Brown Rice Powder 6m+ (15g)
2. Organic Japanese White Rice powder 6m+ (15g)
3. Organic Oatmeal Powder 6M+ (15g)
4. Organic Couscous Powder 7m+ (15g)
5. Organic Five Grains Powder 8m+ (15g)

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