LACTE – Handsfree Silicone Cup Spare Parts



  • * 1- Silicone Breast Shield 27mm
  • Made from durable & food grade silicone material
  • The physical dimension or the breast shield opening is 27mm diameter.
  • * 2- Silicone Insert 24mm
  • Soft silicone inserts are used to reduce the size of funnels’ diameters.
  • Available size is 24mm.
  • * 3- Diaphragm Cover
  • Cover for silicone diaphragm.
  • * 4- Diaphragm
  • Made of silicone which must be replaced every 6 months to stabilize the pumping performance.
  • If the diaphragm is damaged (torn or leaking) then there is no suction.
  • The level of elasticity affects pumping performance.
  • * 5- Body Connector
  • To connect the anti backflow system diaphragm,silicone breastshield & valve.
  • *6- Valve
  • The most important spare part in doing pumping.
  • If the valve is torn then the pump suction will be reduced drastically or even completely absent.
  • After 6 months it must be replaced to maintain pumping performance from its elasticity level. Because the valve is made of silicone material.
  • * 7- Milk Collection Cup
  • Cup can hold up to 5oz of milk.
  • BPA Free
  • Easy to wash

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A. Milk Collection Cup, B. Diaphragm Cap, C. Diaphragm, D. Body Connector, E. Silicone Valve, F. Silicone Breastshield/Funnel, G. Silicone Insert


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