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This Medela tube is used on all models of the (now discontinued) Medela Original Professional Pump In Style breast pump, the Medela Pump In Style Traveler breast pump, and the Medela Pump In Style Companion breast pumps. It is also used on the Pump In Style Advanced breastpump with the words Pump In Style printed in a lavender/blue color on the faceplate.

These Medela tubes are clear plastic, with one soft end with no adapter, and a cream colored hard carbonate-free plastic adapter on the other end. The hard adapter end of the Medela tubing is plugged into the back of the breastshield connector, and the plain end of the tubing attaches to the front of the breast pump. If you are switching to this pump tubing, after using one of the discontinued tubes, be sure to attach the tubes the correct direction — a lot of moms used the old style tubes the wrong way around, decreasing the suction of their pump.

size : 26.2 centimeters

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