Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers

“It’s really true! Correct flange size will give better output”

My first baby, almost 3 months. Got no deep knowledge about bm since this is my first baby. I really dig the info cz I wonder how other people can make it. How to bf my baby till 2 years if every time i pump I feel pain n sore. Then only I know how to measure my nipple n choose the right flange size. From flange 28 I changed 24 n now 21mm.it really hurts when I pump using 28mm cz it also pulls quite big range of my areola. Now, no more pain. After 20mins pumping, baby woke up. I df my baby n cont to pump the other side to complete 30mins. before this most yield is 3oz each side. That’s the max. Normally less than that hahaha. I’m using Spectra n the breast shield is Maymom 21mm.

Aida Ash

Teluk Intan

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